Gravity Falls: Old Man McGucket Might Not Be An Old Man (Theory)

Old Man McGucket from Gravity Falls

All throughout the series of Gravity Falls, we have known Fiddleford McGucket as a crazy old man. After watching the episode, “Society of the Blind Eye”, I’m not quite sure. I could be wrong, but it’s something I am thinking about, so I’m going to talk about this anyway.

The episode starts with Lazy Susan closing her Diner and saying goodbye to everything as she leaves. She suddenly see some gnomes stacked upon each other, trying to steal a pie from her window sill. She freaks out and tries to call the police, but she is kidnapped by a group of strange people in red hoodies. As they take her way, one of them says, “it is unseen.”

The scene cuts to Dipper trying to figure out who the author of the journals is and Mabel being disappointed after getting a letter from her crush, Mermando, saying he had to get married to the queen of the manatees to prevent a sea civil war. By looking through the glass the letter was sent, Mabel sees a tab on Dipper’s laptop that Soos found on one of their previous adventures that he believed belonged to the author. The tab said “McGucket Labs”. She showed it to Dipper and he believed it was proof that Old Man McGucket was the author of the journals.

Dipper and Mabel take Soos and Wendy to confront McGucket about the journals. He doesn’t recall anything. At first, Dipper thinks McGucket is only pretending not to know about the journals. But McGucket continues to deny he knows anything about them. Dipper flips some pages of the journal to try to refresh his memory. He continues to deny he ever wrote the journals and doesn’t recall anything until he sees a page that talks about the Society of the Blind Eye.

He freaks out and claimed they did something to his mind to make him the way he is today. He doesn’t remember exactly what they did, but he knows they did something. Dipper declares to get to the bottom of who did whatever they did to McGucket. They all decide to go to an old museum, which McGucket claimed was the earliest thing he could remember. He said he couldn’t remember anything before 1982.

While inside the museum, after looking for a bit, Soos sees someone in the distance. The group chases the person into a room, but the person appears to have vanished. They are confused about it because there are no other exits in the room. They looked around to see where the person could have gone.

Behind McGucket was a switch that opened the wall to a secret passageway. They go inside and see inside the room, where the weird guys who had kidnapped Lazy Susan in the beginning of episode had taken her. They asked her what she saw. She tells them about the gnomes. They pulled out a weird gadget and wiped her memory of what she saw.

Dipper believed that if they found out where the men were keeping Lazy Susan’s memory, they can probably find McGucket’s memories, too, and finally solve the mystery of the journals. The group splits up. Dipper, Soos, and McGucket go to look for wherever these people store the memories while Mabel and Wendy are to look out and make sure the people don’t come back. While deciding where they’re even going to begin to look, Soos’ hat accidentally gets sucked up into a tube they saw take Lazy Susan’s memory and followed it to the room with all the memories.

In the room with Wendy and Mabel, Mabel expresses to Wendy how bad she feels about none of her romances during the summer working out. Wendy tries to encourage Mabel to forget about guys. But that just gives Mabel the idea to erase her memory of all of her failed romances with the weird memory wiping device The Society of the Blind Eye used on Lazy Susan. Wendy tries to warn her not to use it because they don’t know exactly what it does and she could accidentally erase something she doesn’t want to until Mabel convinces her she could erase that terrible song Soos was listening to all day out of her head.

Back to Dipper, Soos, and McGucket, they find McGucket’s memories and take it but it sets off an alarm. The alarm stops Mabel and Wendy right before they used the memory wiping device on themselves. The people from The Society of the Blind Eye chase them. They try to hide, but are caught. They catch Wendy and Mabel as well and bring them all together.

They take the McGucket memory tube back and reveal themselves. Dipper and gang see that they are all people that they know from their area. The leader of the society, revealing himself as Blind Ivan, told them that the founder of the society, whom he didn’t remember, created it because Gravity Falls is full of strange occurrences that scared people because they didn’t know how to stop it. The founder invented a device that could erase people’s memories and help them forget about the strange things they saw that was scaring them.

He even revealed that they even caught Mabel trying to erase her own memory. But Dipper responded, saying that erasing people’s memories is ruining people’s lives and used McGucket as an example that he lives in a hut and is crazy because of what they did and asked if he felt bad about it. Blind Ivan said, “a little”, and he wiped his own memory and said “not anymore”.  After telling them the backstory behind the Society of the Blind Eye, Blind Ivan threatens to and almost erases their memories, too, until McGucket saved them and handed them a bunch of weapons he found and told them to fight.

They race and fight over McGucket’s memories until they get cornered by all the Society members. Blind Ivan tries to erase their memories again until McGucket jumps in front of them and takes the shot for them. Blind Ivan keeps trying to shoot McGucket with the memory gun and wonders why it isn’t working on him. McGucket tells him because his mind is already destroyed from years of memory wiping and no one can wipe what’s already gone. He walks up to Blind Ivan and headbutts him, knocking him out cold.

They strapped him and the rest of the members of the Society of the Blind Eye up and wipe their memories of the whole Society’s organization and send them on their way. Apparently, Blind Ivan didn’t have an identity outside of the Society of the Blind Eye like everyone else because he began asking who and where he was, so Mabel had to make one up for him.

Dipper asks McGucket if he wants to see his memories. At first, McGucket is hesitant because he is afraid he might not like what he sees. Mabel convinces him that he came all the way to gain his memories back, so he might as well see it. I honestly believe they were just curious about what his memories were, like all of us watching! McGucket listens to Mabel and hooks his memory tube up to a screen and watches what was on it.

They find out that he used to be a brilliant scientist who used to work with the author of the journals. The memory tube didn’t reveal who the author was. He wanted to forget about something that he saw through working with the author on a project. He decided to quit working with the author after seeing that and invented a gadget that could erase memories. He also created the Society of the Blind Eye to erase other people’s memories who saw things that scared and traumatized them. He continues wiping his memories with the gadget until he became what he is today.

The group feels bad after seeing his memories. McGucket assures them that he doesn’t feel bad after seeing the memories because he now knows who he is and thanks them for helping him find his memories. Dipper asks him if he remembered who the author of the journals were, but he said it would take some time for him to remember.

Dipper probably was disappointed that he didn’t solve the mystery of who wrote the journal that day, but I believe he was happy that he helped McGucket gain his memories back. I believe everyone else were happy about McGucket getting his memories back, too.

But here’s why I think McGucket isn’t really an old man. On his memories, the last day that he knew that was recorded was 618. There’s 365 days in a year. The 618th day was the day when he became who he is now. This means that it took less than two years for him to become what he is now. I believe that he just drove himself crazy from erasing his memory so much. He’s not an old man. That is actually really sad if this is true, but it is just a theory of mine that I was thinking of.

What’s also sad is, knowing his past after looking at the memory tube, so many people in the show treated him like garbage and like he was stupid. Even at the beginning of this episode, Lazy Susan was poking him with a broomstick when he was under one of her tables in her diner like he was some kind of animal. When in actuality, he was one of the smartest people in the whole city of Gravity Falls. Even after wiping his memory so much, he still invented amazing things throughout the show that only a genius could invent.

McGucket was not stupid or crazy. He was just a very traumatized man that needed help. That might ruin Gravity Falls a little bit for some of you and I’m sorry, but that’s really the truth about McGucket if you really pay attention to what’s going on in the show.

Regular Show: Benson Was Never A Mean Boss

In this episode where this photo is from, Rigby tells Mordecai that Benson told them they could grill the hot dogs. It wasn’t until they ruined the hot dogs that Rigby admitted that Benson told them NOT to grill them. They had to replace the hot dogs before Benson found out what they did. They find some in the meat locker, but they turned out to be evil. At the end, instead of Rigby admitting that he lied and messed up the real hot dogs, he blamed Benson for “buying them”.

Throughout the whole series of Regular Show, Benson was depicted as a mean and grouchy boss who always gave Mordecai and Rigby a hard time. He’s always yelling and angry. To a person who watches the show every now and then, that might be exactly what he looks like. But if you watch it religiously, like me, and pay attention to what’s really going on, you will see that that’s actually not the case at all. I actually think Benson is a really good boss. And before you guys get bent out of shape and start cursing me out, I will tell you why.

Benson rewards his employees regularly. An actual bad, mean boss wouldn’t do that. In the episode, “Lunch Break”, he treated them all to sandwiches from a sandwich restaurant. He handed them all menus and told them they could pick any sandwich they wanted and he would pay for it. In the episode, “Karaoke Video”, he treated them all to a karaoke night, even though he told them they were on their own for snacks. In the episode, “Appreciation Day”, he handed out appreciation plaques to all of his employees for their hard work and good things they did around the park.

In “My Mom”, after Mordecai and Rigby failed to properly deliver a lemon tree back to the park, Benson asked them to do it again, but with Muscle Man supervising them and if they don’t complete their jobs properly this time, he will have Muscle Man supervise them on every job for the rest of their employment.

Before going out to eat lunch during the job, Muscle Man calls Benson and asks if it’s okay. Benson gives them the permission because he knows they will still get the job done. Mordecai and Rigby are shocked at how cool Benson is with Muscle Man and High Five Ghost and wonders why Benson is never that cool with them. Muscle Man told them they have to always check in with their boss before doing anything other than their job. It’s always been that simple with Benson throughout the whole series. All they have to do is communicate with him and do their jobs and he would be cool.

In several episodes, Benson has gone out for bowling or wings with them. He goes out and hangs out with them like he’s their friend. He’s actually nice. All he wants is for everyone to do their jobs. Mordecai and Rigby are the reason why he’s always mad.

They can’t do a single thing Benson asks them to do. And it doesn’t matter whether he tells them nicely or yells at them to do it. They still won’t do what he asks. They can’t even do the simplest of tasks without messing up or getting distracted. In the episode, “Just Set Up The Chairs”, Benson asked them to set up chairs for a child’s birthday party. Instead of just doing it, they complained and asked why they can’t get any “cool” jobs. Benson told them “because he can’t trust them to do anything else”, which he has every right to feel that way!

He told them he might consider giving them other jobs if they could just set up the chairs. They couldn’t even finish. They ran out of chairs, which isn’t their faults, but when they went to look for the rest of the chairs, they got distracted by a bunch of old arcade games that they found and ended up releasing an evil, demonic game character outside and nearly destroyed everyone and everything because they ignored, not one, but TWO notes on one of the games. One note said “Out of Order” and the other said “In the name of all that is holy, don’t connect the red wire to the blue wire”.

In “Best Burger In The World”, a burger truck was coming that supposedly had the best burgers ever made in the world that only came around once every 100 years. Benson told them they couldn’t go to the burger truck because they hadn’t finished any jobs throughout the whole week. Unless they finished all those incomplete jobs that day, they weren’t supposed to go “anywhere near that burger truck!”

Instead of finishing their jobs, they kept trying to sneak to the truck. They even found some holograms to try to fool Benson into thinking that they were working while they snuck off to try to get burgers. The holograms backfired because 1) Benson found out they were holograms and 2) the holograms came alive and tried to steal their burgers.

They defeated the evil holograms, but by that time, Benson had already eaten their burgers. A lot of people thought this was very mean for him to do, but Mordecai and Rigby got what they deserved. All they had to do was listen to their boss and do their jobs. Workers who don’t listen to a word you say and slack off don’t deserve to run off and get treats!

Back to the “Appreciation Day” episode, Mordecai and Rigby were upset that he gave everyone an appreciation plaque except them. And rightfully so because, really. What is there to appreciate about them?

They sneak into his office and peek into his “Book of Records” for the park. They acted like they were upset and shocked at the things Benson said about them in the book. But even Rigby had to admit that the stuff was true. But as they kept reading, they decided to change it with lies because, according to them, if anybody read the book, they would think they are “complete tools” (which they are!). The stuff they wrote in the book actually started becoming true and they had to make everything go back to normal before everything was destroyed because Rigby wrote about an ice monster.

In the episode, “Eggcellent”, everyone was mad at Benson for saying if Rigby was working, he wouldn’t be in the hospital sick and nearly dying, but he was actually right. If Rigby was doing his job instead of shoving eggs down his throat that he KNEW he was allergic to for a useless, stupid hat, none of it would have happened.

As a matter of fact, the only time Mordecai and Rigby seemingly care about their jobs is when Benson gets ready to fire them. They try to get up and actually work, but still end up getting distracted and slack off.

One time, Benson actually did fire them. In the episode, “Replaced”, he got tired of them coming to work late so much. So he fired them and replaced them with some new workers, Chad and Jeremy. They acted like they were so shocked Benson fired them and tried to sabotage the new workers’ jobs so they will leave and they can have their jobs back. It’s hard at first, but the new workers finally had enough of Mordecai and Rigby’s shenanigans and quit and Benson had no choice but to hire them back.

It’s a shame they can’t put that much effort into jobs when they’re supposed to. If they want their jobs that badly and never want to be fired, why don’t they just listen to Benson and do what they’re supposed to do? I’m starting to think that it’s not the job that they want. It’s the place to stay. As long as they work at the park, they can stay at the house on the park’s property. If they lose their jobs, they lose their place to stay.

In the episode, “Busted Cart”, Benson had to return the cart to get to fixed after Mordecai and Rigby crashed it. It was the very last day on the warranty and Mr. Maellard was going to fire Benson if he didn’t get the cart fixed by the end of the day. Benson vowed to go take the cart by himself even though it would be a really long drive. Mordecai and Rigby kept trying to ask him if they could go with him or do it themselves, but he told them to stay at the park because he couldn’t trust them.

On his way there, he found out that they snuck and went with him anyway. And during the drive, they had the full fledged nerve to ask him why he “hates them”. They know good and well why he hates them (or at least they should know)! But continuing on, Benson ends up getting sleepy during the long drive, so Mordecai offers to drive for him. Benson actually agreed, I guess because they spent the whole drive bonding. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake because they just took Benson’s trust and crushed it.

While driving, Mordecai and Rigby got distracted by a sign for an arcade place. They tried to promise each other that they would only stay in there for thirty minutes. They ended up staying all night. Benson finally woke up and was very upset and angry at them for what they did. The place was going to close in thirty minutes and there was no way they were going to make it there on time with their original route.

Luckily, they did make it on time, but they had to take a very dangerous highway instead of their original route to get there. All of that could’ve been avoided if they just listened to Benson and STAYED AT THE PARK!

As a result of all of the things Mordecai and Rigby have done, there were two episodes that kind of made me dislike Pops a little bit. One of them was “Blind Trust”. Pops didn’t like that Benson never trusted Mordecai and Rigby with anything, so he made him do a blind trust exercise, where he had to be blindfolded and had to trust Mordecai and Rigby to get him down a mountain. Why should he trust them at all? He can’t even trust them to do the simplest of tasks! And let’s not forget the countless times they destroyed the park or the house! Why is he being punished for rightfully not trusting them?

The other episode is “Think Positive”, where Pops didn’t like how Benson was always yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, so he told them that the next time he yelled at them, he would be fired. Benson didn’t want that, so he tried his hardest not to yell at them. Throughout the episode, because Mordecai and Rigby knew he couldn’t yell at them, they acted worst and slacked off EVEN MORE. Does Pops not see all the bad stuff that they do and their constant insubordination? It’s like he enables their horrible behavior.

Anyway, continuing on, Benson gets angrier and angrier because he has to hold everything in and not yell. As he continues to hold everything in, the world is crumbling down all around them. Skips tells them that Benson bottling up his anger is the reason why everything is falling apart. He and Mordecai had to convince Pops of that or else everything would be destroyed. Pops reluctantly told Benson to yell and he yelled at them worst than he has ever done before and they deserved every bit of it!

Pops isn’t the only one who enables their bad behavior. In the episode “Muscle Mentor”, Benson was about to fire Rigby for his constant insubordination and antics, but Rigby pulled out an excuse that Benson can’t fire him because he wasn’t “properly trained”. Everyone else agreed and convinced Benson that Rigby wasn’t properly trained. Benson should have ignored them and fired him anyway. Rigby knows how to do his job! He just chooses not to do it because he’s lazy and irresponsible. Everyone at the park enables their bad behavior. No one else ever tells them to listen to Benson and do their jobs. They just enable them and make excuses for them.

So, really, Benson is not the real antagonist of Regular Show, like the show portrays and many people think. The real antagonists are really Mordecai and Rigby.

Also, think of yourself as if you were a business person. Would you still be nice to any employees you had if they never listened to you or did their jobs? Would you keep giving them passes and treats?

Exactly. That’s what I thought.